LeoVegas Group

Engineering Manager

November, 2022 - July, 2023

Engineering Manager (Sportsbook)

Managing three teams of engineers, designers and QA’s (25 people), responsible for creating the greatest gaming experience for Sports in a highly competitive and fast paced industry.

Leading the team, building trust and accountability with colleagues, responsible for delivering on the product roadmap and working together with the extended team of product managers, product specialists, designers and leaders, to deliver company strategic goals and initiatives.

Develop, coach and help a team of developers reach their maximum potential, through clear targets and goals, and our supporting career progression framework. Acting as a role model by living the Leo Culture, ensuring your and your team's every day contribution brings us closer to our common passion: Creating the Greatest I-Gaming Experience.

What I've been doing:

  • Take lead in the team's daily work and deliver a quality product to offer a customer first Greatest Gaming Experience for Sports.
  • Drive hypothesis driven development, outcome focus and being able to guide the team in value creation.
  • As a team effort, take ownership of the delivery of the product roadmap, and ensure best practice from a technical perspective.
  • Learn how to navigate the volatile business environment of online gaming.
  • Encourage a fun, healthy, collaborative engineering culture.
  • Continuously seek to improve both your product and ways of working in the team.
  • Inspire knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • Actively work across teams to strengthen Team Leo.
  • Responsible for retaining competence and recruiting top talent.
  • Inspire climate for new innovative ideas to the team (technology, features or ways of working).
  • Enable lean and data driven ways of working to help the team deliver value efficiently.
  • Drive ways of working on agile principles.


  • Having meetings with the stakeholders (sometimes customers or shareholders, or internal such product director) to define the roadmap for the year.
  • Having meetings with the proper vertical (in my case based on my experience with Sports and Platform) to set the roadmap by quarter.
  • Having grooming sessions with the teams involved to clarify tasks, solve doubts and improve the task descriptions.
  • Preparing and conducting status reports to shareholders and CTO weekly and monthly.
  • Scheduling and participating in brainstorming sessions to create new concepts.
  • Working very close with ux/ui designers to create prototypes of new features.
  • Writing (in Jira) Epics and stories (sometimes bugs) and tracking them properly.
  • Working side by side with regulation team to know (and add to backlog) any change coming in terms of laws, regulations or countries that could impact the company.
  • Making and/or defining A/B tests to collect any input from our changes.
  • Pay attention to new markets and adquisitions (in collaboration with the director and regulatory team).
  • Translating requisites from customers to technical specifications (and participating in many cases in frontend/backend sessions).

Developed projects


  • A MGM Resorts International project. BetMGM.co.uk offers new product features, including large-scale and frequent jackpots, loyalty rewards, unique and compelling sports promotions and exclusive slots.


Javier Sarmiento

Javier Sarmiento

I was lucky enough to share a workspace with Jose Maria and I consider him to be a very approachable person with a great talent for managing and consolidating work teams. He has a lot of technical experience, which gives greater confidence in his decisions and manages to focus motivation on what really matters and adds value to the company. In human terms, I think he is an excellent person. Posted in Linkedin
Mari Carmen Romero

Mari Carmen Romero

José María es un gran profesional y un excelente embajador de marca. Tuve la oportunidad de coincidir con él en un proceso de selección al que me postulé. Su capacidad para transmitir los valores de una empresa y sumergirte en su cultura es asombrosa. Se puede sentir su compromiso con el proyecto de inmediato. Solo puedo decir que José tiene un talento increíble como líder y no tengo ninguna duda de que hará maravillas en cualquier equipo o empresa en la que se encuentre. Posted in Linkedin
William Godoy

William Godoy

I am familiar with José's work as an Engineering Manager at LeoVegas. Although we did not have direct collaboration, I had the opportunity to observe their leadership skills and the positive impact they had on their team. Posted in Linkedin
Paloma Pedrosa

Paloma Pedrosa

Working with Chema is a great experience. From the beginning, he made me feel part of the team and cared about my well-being and resources, without even being my official Manager. In meetings, his initiatives served to involve all of us equally. And thanks to his experience and varied knowledge you could ask him about anything, whether it was related to development, design, SEO or marketing. In short, a good colleague with whom I am always willing to collaborate. Posted in Linkedin