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Web Performance Manager / Product Owner

April 2021 - October 2022

Web Performance Manager / Product Owner

On charge of a team of 2 people, assigning tasks, creating user stories and removing impediments in order to get the best performance for all our systems (including more than 10 websites & infrastructure).

What I've been doing:

  • Contribute to the performance function and establish standards, monitoring, alerting and optimization strategies.
  • Establish stakeholder relationships to identify core areas for the business and therefore build visibility around sites performance.
  • Translate high-level business requirements into specific technical definitions and monitoring solutions to meet requirements.
  • Build an end-to-end performance reporting and monitoring chain to be able to report on each component of the application stack from network to databases.
  • Responsible for providing improvement recommendations to technical teams, marketing and business stakeholders.
  • Responsible for leading performance analysis investigations to gain insights and help influence the improvement of the client experience. As part of the performance team, you will engage with specialists across the company, including software and systems teams to understand, explore and challenge the limits of performance capabilities.
  • Responsible to lead the analysis of the performance KPIs deviations and agree an action plan to address them.
  • Create a data culture, ensuring that all available data is used to identify methods of improving and influencing tactics for conversion and reducing abandonment rates.
  • Take ownership for creating regular reports to ensure transparency and relevant communications to all stakeholders.
  • Responsible for unifying and maintaining the performance reporting metrics.
  • Responsible for defining the core web vitals metrics threshold and defining the Operational Procedures when there are performance deviations.
  • Responsible for tracking and reporting on performance improvement initiatives.

Scrum (as PO), Jira, Confluence, Mattermost, Graphana, Synthetic monitor, Graphite and among others are my tools on my daily-basis.

Developed projects


  • Fully functional POC (proof of concept) ready to go live. Using two virtual machines and a perfect combination of Varnish, Nginx, several modules of varnish/nginx for optimization, HAProxy and the proper rules for getting the best web performance, we were able to reduce from 5 seconds the pageload time to 500 ms.


  • A full monitoring system based on Grafana, and Graphite located at Google Cloud Platform. This system stores metrics regarding performance and web core vitals and makes analysis about behavior and trendies of users.


Cristóbal Talavera Torres

Cristóbal Talavera Torres

Great professional with innovative ideas. Posted in Linkedin